Earth Body Works
Kimmy Clancy

 I officially began my study of massage at Port Townsend School of Massage in the fall of 2009; though my interest in health and the human body began much earlier. I am now 29 years old and have lived on Orcas Island for most of those years. The harmony in the nature of this island continually inspires me to live with that peace, balance and flow. Growing up climbing trees and rocks and breathing fresh sea air awakened my cells to the joys of active expression in my body. Dance, martial arts, sports and playing around in nature all remind me how much of a blessing it is to feel good in one's body. These inspirations have contributed to the creation of my business,

Earth Body Works. 

 Massage is the perfect medium for me to share peace, balance and good feelings. My goal in a session is to offer a sacred space and opportunity for you to experience what you need. Relief of pain and stress, as well as physical and energetic alignment and awareness, are my areas of focus. I am excited to continue expanding my understanding of the human body and the realms of healing arts. So far, I've received advanced certification in orthopedic massage and  Thai yoga massage.

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